Removals and Moving to Australia

Moving to Australia

Ok, you’ve decided to take that big step and move to Australia, you may be single or taking your family with you, it’s a country that has so much to offer, with a rich heritage of Irish Immigrants, so there is a good chance that you will settle for the long term.

With that in mind if you are moving on a short term visa to see what opportunities are there for you, and decide to move your household and personal effects after you find employment, we offer the option to collect your effects from your house and store them until you are ready, export wrap and pack your furniture and personal effects and ship them to you when you find employment and decide to stay.

On the other hand if you have employment and the decision is made, its straight forward, be it only a few pieces or a full house move, we will come in with trained and uniformed staff and export wrap and pack all your furniture and personal effects, we do this with export grade double wall cartons (boxes), we have different sizes based on what we’re packing, from book cartons, to general cartons (ornaments and kitchenware), linen cartons (clothes and bedding) and wardrobe cartons for any hanging clothes that you don’t want creased. Every inch of your furniture is protected with a wrapping material called furniguard (unlike bubble wrap it does not leave resin marks on highly polished furniture which can happen from sweating when moving from a colder climate to the warmer climate of Australia), we’ve been doing this so long we know what works and what does not work.

We complete an inventory listing every box and item of furniture with a description of the condition of each item. As the customer you sign off on every item that we collect at origin and again on delivery.

We offer All Risks Insurance, which unlike some of our competitors is a new for old policy and in the unlikely event of a claim your effects will be replaced at the valued you insured and not the value you insured less ware and tare.

To be honest if your not happy we’re not happy and that’s why after 25 years in the Removal Business we strive to offer the fastest transit times by using the shipping lines or airline companies with the most direct routes, providing trained staff and the most update packing materials best suited to what we are packing or wrapping. A good move doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by planning.

We smooth the customs clearance process in Australia by having all the Australian Customs paperwork completed in Ireland (we supply you with the relevant paperwork) before you leave Ireland which is submitted by our agent in Australia for clearance of your effects.

Every shipment that arrives in Australia is subject to a quarantine inspection, this means that every shipment is offloaded into our agents bonded warehouse, Australian quarantine inspection staff are generally looking at wooden furniture or outdoor items for infestation, there is a charge for this and it is not included in our quote as it can vary from shipment to shipment. But we can give you an indication of what that cost might be.

With what we offer in mind we still promise you one of the most competitive quotes you will get, we encourage you to get three quotes, compare the protection your effects will get, transit times, the smooth and uncomplicated removal service we provide. We have a network of partner Removal Companies in every major city in Australia (these are tried and trusted partners we constantly use and they offer a superb destination service), which undertake the full customs clearance and delivery of your effects including placing your effects in rooms specified by you, unpacking cartons and unwrapping furniture, with reassembly where required and disposing of the boxes and wrapping materials.

All our quotes and free and we are more than happy to answer any questions you might even if your just contemplating a move down under….


Moving to Australia generally starts with an idea. Maybe you want an experience of a lifetime and a bit of an adventure; possibly you’re looking for a great job opportunity and a different lifestyle; or you think that a fact finding trip is the best option so you can test the water; otherwise you’re in lock stock and barrel, selling the house, moving the family (including the dog) and all your worldy possesions. Once you get your head around the idea of moving, then you need to think about the actual logistics – when, where, why and how?

Australia is a vast continent with varied climates throughout the eight states and territories, offering new arrivals a diverse range of lifestyle choices from the beautiful beach towns, striking desert and rural landscapes to the cosmopolitan cities, not to mention the great job opportunities, excellent infrastructure, healthcare and schooling. Deciding where you want to go and when is just the beginning and takes some substantial research, and speaking to others that have been through the same experience. The thought of picking up your life and placing it in a new country, effectively starting again can be daunting. Often it is hard to know where to start, who to talk to, and who to trust with what will be possibly one of the most stressful and exciting times of your life.

Whether this is the first time you’re researching moving to Australia, or you’ve made your decision and you’re finalising your plans, we can help you with useful, well researched information allowing you to get everything you will need in one place.

To your left you will see a range of headings including a guide to visas, relocation guide, cost of living and employment as well as useful information on relocation services such as bank accounts and international shipping.

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Covering a huge land area, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and spans three different time zones.

Within the country’s almost eight million square metres you will find six states and two territories – one of which, the Australian Capital Territory, lies within the borders of New South Wales – and landscapes varying from tropical rainforests to dusty outback.

The east coast with all its charms – from the splendor of the Great Barrier Reef to the bright lights of Sydney – tends to be the most popular spot for tourists, but migrants are more adventurous when looking for their new home, settling in southern, western and even northern reaches of the country.

With its renowned lifestyle and fantastic climate, it’s no surprise that Oz remains so popular with people looking to move abroad.

Five reasons to choose Australia


Australia is known for its outdoor based, laid back lifestyle. It’s hard to image living in Australia without picturing yourself chilling out at a barbecue with an ice-cold drink in hand.

Beach haven

With more than 11,000 beaches to enjoy on some 25,700 kilometres of coastline, need we say more?


With a population density of 2.9 people per square kilometer compared to the cramped conditions of many countries around the world, there’s no fear of feeling too overcrowded in the big red land.


From cricket to surfing, Aussies love practically all sports – and are annoyingly good at many of them!


In spite of the banter you can expect to receive, most migrants are most taken with Australia because of the friendly and welcoming locals.

Facts and figures

Population 22,843,149
Area 7,618,000 km²
Capital Canberra
Largest city Sydney
Currency Australian Dollars (AUD$)
Average annual temperature by city
Hobart, TAS 12°c
Canberra, ACT 12°c
Melbourne, VIC 14°c
Adelaide, SA 16°c
Sydney, NSW 17°c
Perth, WA 18°c
Brisbane, QLD 20°c
Darwin, NT 27°c
Average property price see Finding a Home section
Average annual salary AUD $65,488
Number of cities in top 50 quality of life survey 6
Highest ranked city Sydney: 10th
Number of universities in world’s top 100 5
Highest ranked university University of Melbourne 35th

State profiles

Western Australia

With its Mediterranean climate, stunning coastline and vibrant city scene, Western Australia has plenty to offer. Most of the population is based in the capital city Perth in the south-western corner of the state. The central portion of the state is largely arid and thinly populated, with the mining industry dominating

Northern Territory

The NT is the least populous of Australia’s states and territories, despite boasting some of the country’s most iconic tourist attractions – Uluru and the Olgas to name just two. Most people move to Darwin, although the more intrepid head inland towards the desert city of Alice Springs. Major industries in the NT include mining, petroleum and tourism

South Australia

After lagging economically behind the rest of Oz for many years, South Australia has recently begun to draw level with its counterparts. The capital city, Adelaide, is know for its cosmopolitan atmosphere while the coastal countryside is home to many of the country’s largest wine producers. Much of the state enjoys a Mediterranean climate, while the major industries are wine production, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, defence technology and electronic systems.


Known as the ‘Sunshine State’, Queensland enjoys a tropical climate, mile upon mile of sandy beaches and some of Australia’s most stunning scenery – think the Great Barrier Reef and the prehistoric rainforests. The population is concentrated in the southern part of the state, which included the Gold Coast and Brisbane – Queensland’s capital. Tourism is a big industry, but mining, agriculture and the retail trade also predominates.

New South Wales

Situated on Australia east coast, New South Wales has long been highly popular among migrants and tourists alike. It encompasses Sydney – Australia’s largest and most populated city. The region boasts a plethora of picturesque coastal towns, a cultural scene centering on Sydney and a scenic interior, including more than 780 national parks. Information technology and financial services are leading industries in urban areas, while agriculture dominates in the countryside.

Australian Capital Territory

The ACT is australia’s capital state, with Canberra being the capital of Australia. With Australia’s parliament and decision makers based in the city, there is a strong tourism industry. The ACT has cooler weather than many of the larger states, and features some breathtaking scenery including sharing border with NSW and Victoria via the Alpine Blue Mountains.


With the second largest economy in Australia after New South Wales and a thriving cultural scene based around the city of Melbourne, Victoria is a perennial favourite among migrants. It has burgeoning finance, insurance and property service industries, several large manufacturing employers, and a large blue chip, community, social and personal services sector. The scenery and climate are both incredibly diverse, ranging from wet, temperate flatlands in the southeast to the snow-covered Victorian alpine areas.


Separated from the rest of Australia by the Bass Strait, Tasmania feel like a country in its own right. The state has a cooler climate than the Oz mainland, with four distinct seasons. The north coast is the most densely populated area of Tasmania and includes the cities of Launceston, Burnie and Devonport. The state capital Hobart lies in the south of the island. Tasmania is mountainous, and boasts a wealth of stunning alpine scenery.


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Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

Documents Required

  • Copy of passport (photo and signature page)
  • Completed Australian Customs form B534
  • Copy of visa or e-visa approval (non-citizens)
  • Detailed inventory / packing list (in English)
  • Alcohol inventory, if applicable
  • Original bill of lading if no telex release / waybill issued (OBL) / air waybill (AWB)


Specific Information

  • The OBL must be received 7 days prior to arrival at first entry port into Australia.
  • The AWB must be received 48 hours prior to arrival at first entry airport into Australia.
  • Sea freight clearance times vary from 12-15 working days depending on mode of sea freight and the destination location.
  • Airfreight clearance takes approximately 5-7 working days depending on documentation received and destination location.
  • An inventory of alcohol is required for Australian Customs to assess the duty and taxes payable, which are generally 50% of the alcohol’s purchase value for wine and 150% for spirits.
  • The signature on the Australian Customs form B534 must match the passport page.


Motor Vehicles

Documents Required

  • Vehicle import approval (VIA)
  • Import declaration (prepared by Customs broker)
  • Registration papers from country of origin
  • Proof of ownership and purchase receipt


Specific Information

  • A VIA must be obtained prior to the importation of motor vehicles.
    • VIA will take 3-6 weeks to approve.
    • Application for VIA may be found
  • The restrictions for documents and Customs regulations must be met for the importation for privately owned motor vehicles.
  • Customs clearance is required at the port of entry.
  • Customs duties and goods and services taxes (GST) must be paid at the time of vehicle import with the exception of returning Australian vehicles when GST only applies.
    • GST only is payable on motorcycle imports
  • Contact the Australian Taxation Office to determine if and when luxury car taxes (LCT) must be paid.



Documents Required

  • Import application
  • Import permit


Specific Information

  • All animals imported to Australia must meet the requirements of the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and will be quarantined upon arrival.
  • Import permits take approximately 10 business days from the date receipt by Department of Agriculture to be approved; however, incomplete or incorrect applications may take longer.
  • Owners of the goods must select a quarantine station for the animal prior to import.
  • Animals may be visited by only the person identified as the importer during the quarantine period


Note:  It is critical to contact Department of Agriculture and Water Resources prior to the import of pets as requirements and restrictions are dependent upon the country of origin and vary dramatically per type of animal.


Restricted/Dutiable Items

  • Alcohol:
    • Customs duties plus goods and services tax (GST) will apply to alcohol imported into Australia.
    • Duty is calculated on the type of alcohol, the volume contained per bottle, the alcohol % per bottle and the value per bottle.
    • Ten percent (10%) GST is then added to the duty calculated.
  • Anabolic and androgenic substances (those that enhance muscle and bone growth and may include health supplements)
  • Antibiotics
  • ANZAC and any related advertising material
  • Items bearing an image of the Australian national flag and coat of arms
  • Items bearing an image of the Australian state or territory flags and coat of arms
  • Asbestos
  • Cat and dog fur products
  • Glazed ceramic ware (specific to lead content)
  • Cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises)
  • Chemical weapons
  • Chewing tobacco and snuff in quantities greater than 1.5 kg
  • Cigarette lighters (up to five lighters acceptable if over 18 years or older on a ship or aircraft)
  • Cosmetics and toxic materials (cannot contain more than 250 mg/kg of lead but may contain more than 250 mg/kg of lead acetate designed for use in hair products)
  • Counterfeit credit cards
  • Crowd control equipment (antipersonnel sprays, body armor, extendable batons, electric shock devices, etc.)
  • Cultural heritage goods from Papua New Guinea (permission from the Trustees of the Papua New Guinea Public Museum and Art Gallery is required)
  • Diamonds (only rough diamonds in tamper proof container from a country participating in the Kimberley Process may be imported and require a Kimberley Process Certificate)
  • Dog collars designed to puncture or bruise an animal’s skin
  • Passengers arriving on board a ship or aircraft do not need a permit for the import of drugs and narcotics required for personal use if:
    • The drugs and narcotics are prescribed by a medical practitioner or veterinarian, and quantity does not exceed a 3 month’s supply at the maximum prescribed dosage,
    • The drugs / narcotics are carried as accompanied baggage;
    • Prescription must be in English or translated to English.
  • Kava may be imported in root or dried form in amounts not to exceed 2 kg and is carried as accompanied baggage by a passenger 18 years or older.
  • Firearms and accessories, parts, magazine, ammunition, components of ammunition, and replica
  • The following items are embargoed goods and are restricted and require permission to import.  Contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for additional information:
    • Eritrea – weapons, ammunition, military vehicles and equipment and spare parts
    • Iran – weapons, ammunition, military vehicle and equipment and spare parts
    • North Korea – weapons ammunition, military vehicles and equipment and spare parts
    • Libya – weapons, ammunition, military vehicles and equipment and spare parts
  • Endangered animal and plant listed in the appendices to the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)
  • Novelty erasers (resembling food in scent or appearance)
  • Plastic explosives formulated as a mixture, malleable or flexible at room temperature or with:
    • One or more high explosives which in pure form have a vapor pressure less than 10.4 PA at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius
    • A binder material
    • Fish and tooth fish
    • Electronic flyswatters and mosquito bats
    • Growth hormones and substances of human or animal origin
    • Hazardous wastes (explosive flammable, poisonous, toxic, exotoxic or infectious, clinical wastes, waste oils, waste residue from manufacture or household waste as defined by the Basel Convention)
    • Hydroflurocarbons
    • Incandescent lamps
    • Knives and daggers
    • Laser pointers
    • Novelty money boxes coated with material containing more than 90 mg/kg of lead
    • Ozone depleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gases
    • Pencils and paintbrushes with a coating that contains excess amounts of toxic compounds such as lead, arsenic and barium
    • Pesticides and other hazardous chemicals
    • Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Terphenyls and Polyphenyls
    • Pornography and other objectionable materials
    • Radioactive substances
    • Therapeutic drugs and substances (abortifacients, aphrodisiacs, etc.)
    • Unmanufactured tobacco (not stemmed or stripped or in whole form)
    • Toys containing excess amounts of toxic compounds such as lead, arsenic and barium
    • Woolpacks
    • Weapons (military goods and other weapons including blow pipes, crossbows, martial arts equipment, knuckle dusters, slingshots, maces and flails)
    • Trade Practices Act goods


Prohibited Items

  • Rough diamonds
  • Dogs (dangerous breeds including Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa, American Pit Bull Terrier or Pit Bull Terrier, Perro de Presa Canario or Presa Canario and advertisements referencing these breeds)
  • Embryo clones and viable materials, and any related advertising matter advertising these items
  • Suicide devices


Consignment Instructions

Recommended:  Contact the destination agent to ensure all requirements have been met prior to import, especially for differences regarding air / sea shipments.


Helpful Website(s): -and-restricted


Cultural and Other Information

CIA World Factbook Entry for Australia

Wikipedia Entry for Australia


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Astellas Breaks Ground on New €330 Million State-of-the-Art Facility in Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland

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