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Canadian border information and services for non-Canadians visiting, settling in or doing business with Canada.

Information for Canadian citizens and permanent residents on the CBSA’s border services.

For more information about crossing the border, consult I Declare.



How can a returning resident clear goods into the U.S.?  Are there any exemptions for these goods?

You may import furniture, dishes, linens, libraries, artwork and similar household furnishings for your personal use free of duty. To be eligible for duty-free exemption, the articles must have either been available for your use or used in a household where you were a resident for one year. The year of use does not need to be continuous, nor does it need to be the year immediately before the date of importation.

Personal and household effects entitled to duty-free entry need not accompany you to the United States. You may have them shipped to your U.S. address at a later time if you choose. Your shipment of personal and/or household goods must be cleared through Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at its first port of arrival unless you have made arrangements with a foreign freight forwarder to have your effects sent in CBP custody in-bond from the port of arrival to a more convenient port of entry for clearance (ask your moving company if they offer this service).

CBP will not notify you that your goods have arrived. It is essential that the carrier notify you that your goods have arrived in port – otherwise after 15 days, they will be taken to a general order warehouse and may be sold at auction after six months.

If you cannot come to the CBP office yourself, you may designate a friend or relative to represent you in CBP matters. You must give that person a letter addressed to “Officer in Charge of Customs and Border Protection” authorizing that individual to represent you as your agent on a one-time basis to clear your shipment through CBP along with a completed   CBP Form 3299 Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles  to present to the CBP Officer.

If your household/personal goods will accompany you, a manifest list of all the items must be presented to the CBP Officer.

If you are returning with a firearm you previously owned in the U.S., you must present proof that it was part of your household when you moved away. Proof would constitute aCBP 4457 Certificate of Registration, original sales slip or insurance documents. If you do not have this proof, or if the firearm was bought during your stay abroad, you will have to make arrangements for a registered dealer to import it on your behalf.

As a returning resident, you are entitled to a duty-free exemption for newly purchased goods up to the value of $800 if the goods accompany you when you arrive in the U.S. Goods in excess of $800 that accompany you are dutiable at a flat rate of 3 percent for the next $1000 in value, goods that are not covered by the personal exemption or flat rate of duty (anything over $1800) is assessed duty in accordance with the item’s Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) classification number.